Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cuddles, charm and custody

Hi there!!!  Man, have we been busy!  Jones is growing so fast.  He is now 2 months old.  So far he loves people, being outside, eating, being held, lots of attention and being in busy, noisy places.  He is doing all things that babies do....eating, sleeping, pooping, spitting up, cooing/humming, smiling and once in awhile we hear a cry or two.  :)

We have been to Iowa twice, once for easter and a wedding and once for Drake Relays!  Jones is a good traveler.  We love showing Jones off to our family and friends.  He loves when there are a lot of people around, and he is quite the charmer!!  The ladies in Panora also threw us a baby shower!  What a wonderful support those ladies have been for Travis, Jones and I!  It was a beautiful shower with wonderful food and amazing company! 

In Perry, IA at Easter Brunch
At Nate and Andrea's wedding

Great grandma Doris, GiGi Lynda, me, Jones and Aunt Amy at the baby shower

I am sitting here trying to come up with the words to express how in love with Jones we are.  He has been so incredible and such a terrific addition to our family.  From the late night feedings to the crying for reasons we can't figure out to the falling asleep in our arms to the smiles he gives us when he wakes up...all of it is so wonderful!

I start back to work next Monday (May 7th).  I am really excited to head back to work and see all my co-workers and students!  I just wish I could hide Jones in my closet all day!  :)  Since that is not an option we have the next best thing....Chris (another Track coaches wife) has volunteered to watch Jones for the next 5 weeks while I am still at school.  It is so wonderful to not have to take him to day care yet.  Chris is outstanding and I feel so comfortable with Jones in her hands for the day!  My mom and Travis' mom are also coming down to help out on those days that Chris can't watch Jones.  Lora ( T&F administrative assisstant) has also volunteered to help!  In fact, she came to spend the night once when Travis was gone for a week and this momma need to catch up on my sleep!  We are SO, SO lucky to be surrounded with such amazing people! 

Jones had his 2 month check-up this week.  He was in the 25%tile for his height and weight, weighing in at 10.61 lbs.  He really impressed the doctor with how strong he was.  He even rolled over to his side when the doctor put him on his tummy!  That was a first!  Such a little show off!  :)  He also got his shots.  :(  He cried really hard, however rest of the day he was really good.  I was expecting him to be super fussy, but he wasn't.  He was really tired and cuddly. 
Jones at 2 months

Today, May 3, 2012, we had our court date to file our petition of custody.  All the paperwork was finally ready and was presented to the judge!  We met the judge and our lawyer at 8:30 this morning.  They asked us both a few questions about our background, home study, and our intentions (to adopt Jones).  Then the judge ruled the petition of custody be filed and told us congratulations!  YAY!!  Not going to lie...I got teary!  :)  So the next step is to get his birth certificate.  This will happen 6 months from today.  It's a process, but everything is headed in the right direction!!  :)

The Judge with Travis, Jones and me.

Happy family

Jones and me with our lawyer, Gene Kelley

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